History (English)


Birth: His Father Name was Syed Mehmood Shah Sahib Baghdadi who was born in Baghdad. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi was also born in Baghdad and later went to Thatta Sharif Makli. There he married in a Sadaat family and had two sons namely Hazrat Syed Hassan Badshah Sahib, and Hazrat Syed Shah Fazil Shah Sahib.

Death: Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi died in the year 1659. His tomb is in Thatta Sharif Makli Sindh, Pakistan.

Preaching of Islam: The Hazrat started preaching of islam as soon as entered into the land of Sindh. He used to meet the people with love and affection.  He treated Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and people belonging to other sects of religions with kindness. It were his untiring efforts that Hundreds of thousand of people embraced Islam in his hand.  Due to his Straightforwardness, Courage, fiducial ambition, Caliphate became ma’arifat (self-realization) in Sindh. He always remained busy in worship. People enthralled him very much.

Kiramaat (Wonders): The whole life of the Hazrat is full of Kiramaat. One of them is mentioned here. One day the Hazrat was busy in worship. A group of Hindu Brahman came and set next to him. They started to worship fire. The Hazrat did not like it and invited them to Islam. They started to argue. They demanded that if your Allah is true then he must stop them from doing Ashnaan (Bathing) in the river side and. They further added that they will believe in the truthiness of Allah embrace islam if your Allah can make them do Ashnaan in the place where they were now setting. The Hazrat said and it will happen like you demanded. Early in the morning when the people awake, they found that their bodies and cloths were wet. Allah had accepted the Hazrat Prayer. The Hindus Brahman were so impressed that they accepted Islam and bared witness the oneness of Allah (s.w.t). They then demanded three things from the Hazrat. 1. That they be very wealthy (kasrat Maaal). 2. That they have beauty in their family (kasrat Jamal).. 3. That they have abundance of progeny (kasrat aulad). The Hazrat said and it will happen like this. The Hazrat then advised them to build Mosques and do Ibaadat o Riazat (worship). He named the leader of that Group as Usman and that tribe was later called Mohman. His grave is in the premise of Mazar of the Hazrat

 Famous story of becoming Ashabi: when the end of Hazrat reached, he became ill. Khalifa was directed to wash every part of Darbar Sharif. So darbar was washed by thousands of disciples and the area was scented. Then the Hazrat  does Takhlia and ordered has two sons to stay outside. Then the Hazrat Saw that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with Hazrat Ali(RA), other Companians and syed Abdul Qadir Gillani. The Sarkar (PBUH) said to Hazrat  that we have come here to welcome you. The Ashabi Sahib eyes were filled with tears and looking at the children said that the children are too young.  Sarkar (PBUH) holds the hand of Hazrat Syed  Hassan Badshah and gives to Hazrat Ali and says that henceforth, you have to look after this child. Hazrat Ali hands him over to syed Abdul Qadir Gillani and says that henceforth, you have to look after this child.

Hazrat Syed  Hassan Badshah was unconscious for three days, and when he awak,e he realized that his father had passed away three days earlier.

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