History (English)


Genealogy: Geology of Hazrat Syed Hassan Badshah (RA) meets with Hazrat syed Abdul Qadir Gillani after 15 generations while with Hazrat Ali (R.A) after 29 generations. He is Syed in blood ” Hassani and Hussaini Syed, descedant of Hazrat Syedina Imam-e-Hassa(Radi Allahu Anhu ) and Syedina Imam-e-Hussain ( Radi Allahu Anhu).

Birth: The Hazrat was born in Thatta sharif Sindh in 21st Jamadi 1023 Hijri. His father name was Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi. The Hazrat got his education from his father. The Hazrat was able to memorize the Holy Quran at the age of 12 years.

Bayat (Word of allegiance): The Hazrat did his Bayat from his father. He got ZAHIRI (EXOTERIC) and BATINI (ESOTERIC) Uloom in Silsila-e- Qadria and got Khirqa (the initiatory cloak of the Sufi chain of spirituality, with which esoteric knowledge and barakah is passed from the master (sheikh) to the aspirant (murid)). This Silsila-eBayat (Word of allegiance) meets with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after 25 channels.

Mujahda (Striving against Nafs): after the death of his beloved father, the Hazrat became busy in Zikr o Riazat and Muhajahda. For seven years, the Hazrat did Chilla (stage of training or ritual where the a person is fully isolated from the outside world and only do Worship) at the river Shoor in Hindustan. He used to worship the whole night by standing in water. Dry leaves of the trees were his food. He used to fast during the day times.

Travels: The Hazrat traveled throughout the Hindustan and Arabistan. He used to travel by foot and beared all the trouble of travel. He used to accompany his younger brother, Hazrat Syed Fazil Shah to look after and train him. Once during his journey, the Hazrat reached a place where there was no Muslim and all the people there were disbelievers. The Hazrat selected a well for stay and started preaching Islamic teachings. Within a period of six months, thousands of people living there converted to Islam due to efforts of the Hazrat. The Hazrat used to fast during the day and open it with half of a betel nut. The people were so much impressed with the good manners of the Hazrat that the Raja of that province was astonished to know that half of the population have converted to Islam. So the Raja came to see the Hazrat and was surprised to see that the two brothers were not having any weapon and were wearing Cracked old clothes. The Raja challenged the Hazrat for battle. The Hazrat invited him to Islam which the Raja rejected. The Raja attacked the Hazrat but was unable to do any harm to the Hazrat. The Hazrat in reply threw half of a betel nut towards the Raja that passed through his body and the Raja was killed. Seeing this, half of the army fled and the rest of them accepted islam. This incident added to the fame of the Hazrat throughout Hindustan. The Hazrat then appointed his brother Hazrat Syed Fazil Shah as his Khalifa and went on journey for preaching of islam. The Hazrat met several eminent scholars of that time such as Hazrat Mian Pir Sahib (Lahore), Shah Doola Sahib (Gujrat), Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Sahib knows as Bari Imam Sarkar (Phatwar). The Hazrat then travelled to Kabul.

Marriage: The Hazrat’s first marriage was in Arbab Family from which had one son, Hazrat Syed Zainul Amadin Sarkar Sahib whose Mazar is situated in Havalian Sultanpur. Second Marriage was with the granddaughter of Hazrat Syed Ali Muhrandi on the order of Hazrat Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani. Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Muhammad Ghaus Sahib was born from the second wife. Mazar of Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Muhammad Ghaus Sahib is situated in Lahore outside Delhi Darwaza.

Death: The Hazrat died at the age of 92 on 1st Zayqad 1115 Hijri on Thursday in Peshawar. The mazar of the Hazrat is located at the same place which the Hazrat Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani had suggested.

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